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Book a Video Consultation

We are open! Text us at (212)203-3324 or Email us at: or Call us at (917)594-4447 to schedule your in-person visit or schedule your virtual telemedicine visit here.

Telemedicine is covered by most insurance carriers.  We are happy to submit a claim on your behalf and help you get reimbursed for your virtual visit.  A payment link will be emailed to you once your visit is scheduled.  Should you have any questions about the billing process, please feel free to call, email, or text.

New Patient consultation: $300
Follow up consultation:  $200
Post-operative check-up (within 3 months): $0

We are forming a wait list of surgical slots and will accommodate patients based on urgency and acuity.

Please make sure to follow all CDC guidelines regarding Covid-19. Stay safe and be well!

Roy I Davidovitch MD